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The resort can be easily summed up in two simple words
'Surprisingly different...'
Nestled amidst lush paddy plantations, the entire property is inspired by nature and has taken shape around the trees that we found on our land. All living spaces are adorned with breathtaking views, soothing water bodies and all shades of green.
It offers a personalised leisure experience for families, young couples and single travellers and is a perfect destination for weddings and corporate events.
Living Spaces
We have 153 luxurious rooms and suites. Each elegantly put together by merging style and simplicity with the cultural richness of Goa and offer world class amenities and service.
Food & Beverage
Our food is curry rich in culture with select Indian and world recipes and various surprises from Goa. Our eating spots are distinct shades of indulgence, health, fun and romance.
Diwa Club
Diwa living is individual oriented and away from traditional hospitality. It is freedom, leisure and luxury all rolled into one. All its 27 rooms and 8 suites are well-thought modern interpretation of luxury and offer every modern accoutrement.
Leisure Concierge
We have a specialised team, very attentive and conscious of your way of holidaying. Ensuring you experience leisure, luxury and Goa in a surprisingly different avatar.